Weekly Update Week 3 2013

This is just a quick review of the week and we still have 3 spins ahead of us this week.

It is important to remember our goals for the year that were set out at the meeting at the start of the year. Different spins are to cater for different aspects of the club and we need to keep this up. Its not about the individual this year but about the common good of the club. Its also important to realise where we are as the month of January is coming to a close. For some its only 5 Sundays to the first race of the year in Munster – the Lacey Cup for others its about making a start towards some leisure events. The club can accomodate all of this so ill do a brief outline of the spins again.

Night time spins

Normally on Wednesday nights from McElligotts on Tralee Road, Castleisland at 7pm on small bypass circuit. This week its on Friday (25th) due to the weather and may go to twice a week after the next meeting at the start of February. Its 5 laps at the slowest persons pace and then others can do more laps but no great speed on this session its only about a few miles in as safe as an environment as we can make it. Please feel free to join us even if you are only starting out for the year or new to the sport. Lights and reflectors necessary.


Saturday Spin

2 pm from the Tralee Road / Bypass Roundabout. Be warmed up and ready to go full belt for a 20 km time trial first followed by some more fitness training. This is vital for anyone thinking of racing this year but also good for anyone looking to improve. We time the time trial and try and better the time each week. No waiting on this section. As i said above only 4 full weeks to the Lacey Cup




Sunday Spin

10 am in Currow. Like any club this is the key spin of the club and its everyone together for the first section from Currow, towards Cordal and into Castleisland. Then its a definite break between the groups with each of the 3 groups doing a different spin / session. This is decided in Currow before leaving. All welcome and all catered for on this spin and members have to help in welcoming new members into the groups.




Other Club News

A reminder about Dingle on March 23rd/24th. Staying at the Skellig Hotel with Dinner, Bed  and Breakfast for 65 euro per person. All welcome including friends, husbands, wifes, partners etc. and we have use of the leisure facilities of the hotel. Deposit of 50 needed at the club meeting where we will decide the times for the weekend.

Guess Who competition number 1 was won by Paudie McCarthy who correctly guessed that the club member was Tom Kenny. Well done and thanks to Tom for the answers.

Now Guess Who part 2? Who has answered these 10 questions?

  • How long are you cycling as a form of exercise – not counting cycling as a kid to school etc? 25 years (with a big gap in between)
  • On a scale of 0 to 10 with 0 being negative and 10 being extremely positive how much do you like training? Comments welcome and do you like training in bad weather? 8. The 2 are lost to the windy days and nights. Pleasant way of getting and keeping fit and having a chat at the same time.
  • What is your favorite training route? Anywhere with Killarney or Kerry in the address
  • What do you think is the best cycling event that you do in the year? Ring of Kerry
  • Where do you think the club could improve as a club for the short term future? Need to attract big numbers of new members like other Clubs in Kerry. A crowd out cycling will draw a crowd
  • What would you think would be your attainable realistic goal in cycling? Have you achieved this in the past? Killarney to Tralee Return in 2.5 hours.
  • Who would you regard as the best cyclist that you have seen in your lifetime and why? Sean Kelly. A regular country boy who took on the lot and beat the best. 
  • What other sports / hobbies are you interested in? Football / Rugby / swimming
  • What is your favourite meal? Turkey & Ham
  • What is your favourite drink? Lucozade

Send your guesses through by facebook “clubprocurrowcc” or through the comments page

I have included some photos that were sent to me below







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