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  1. pat oshea says:

    nice photos how do to put in some photos of club events

  2. Please let me have details of the route at your convenience.

  3. Hi Donnacha,
    A question for you – would you know if the last stage of the Conor Pass is higher than the hill up from the Grotto at Currow. I think the townland is called Lyre but am not sure. I’ve tried to cycle to the top of that hill but just before the top I have to get off for about 30 seconds and start again. I hope to do the Conor Pass Cycle. The distance does not bother me as I have completed the Ring of Kerry on six occasions and the Castleisland Day Care Centre on two occasions.Will give the Conor Pass a try and see what happens. Home by Tralee does not bother me.

    Many thanks.

    Joan McCarthy

    • Donnacha says:

      Hi Joan, the Conor Pass is tough and gets particularly steep on the top. It is not as steep however as the turn around ranalough (hill you referred to), however much longer. I would suggest with that amount of cycling experience in your legs and if you pace yourself , you will be fine!

  4. Hi Donnacha,

    Thanks for the vote of confidence. I will give it a try. Hope the day will be nice and sunny like to-day.


  5. Pio Boyle says:

    What is the drumm cup race route? and when is it been run this year?
    many thinks

  6. well lads just wondering can i book a place with ye for the ring of kerry… im great bud with Donnacha ^^^^

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