As the evenings get longer training has now commenced on week evenings. Training times are Monday,wednesday and Friday at 7:00 pm sharp leaving Currow Post Office. A variety of routes are used in these spins and all abilities are catered for.

We would really hope that as many new members as possible might join us in the coming weeks,Monday night has been designated as new members night so the pace will be set by any new member or any one who is a little rusty coming into the summer.

Our aim on monday nights is to introduce people to the club and to head out for a relaxing leisurely social spin together so join us next Monday 24th may at 7pm in Currow.


  1. Marian McCarthy says:

    Hi Tom & gang thanks for the training spin this eve, lovely route despite the rain. Hope to see ye again before the week is over – if my gear dries out.!

  2. Marian McCarthy says:

    Thanks for the training spin this eve, great route, hope to join ye later in the week if my gear dries out

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