Castleisland day care centre cycle

Castleisland Day Care Centre Cycle

Sunday 8th September

Start 10a.m. from Day Care Centre

Sign on from 9.00 a.m.

C:\Users\eamonn breen\Pictures\DC5.jpg


Route 1..15 Km. Castleisland, Currow, Ballybeg Cross, Roche’s Cross,Finish Garvey’s

Route 2..40 Km. Continue from Route 1, Killarney Rd. Roundabout, Tralee Rd Roundabout, turn John Cronin’s Roundabout return to Castleisland, Finish at McElligotts

Route 3..70 Km. Continue from Route 1, right at Killarney Rd roundabout, left at Tralee Rd roundabout, straight at John Cronin’s roundabout,left at Ballygarry Hotel Tralee roundabout, Straight at Mitchell’s roundabout, left at Castlemaine roundabout, food stop at Castlemaine Community Centre, first turn left for Ballyfinnane, Currans, Castleisland.

Route 4..82 Km. Continue from Route 3, right at Cahernard, right at Garvey’s on to Scartaglin Rd., left at Roche’s Cross, left at Brehig Cross, Castleisland finish Day CareCentre.

                                                                                                                                                                   All Routes start from Day Care Centre 10a.m. 


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