Cycling Club Membership evening with discount club gear

Currow Cycling Club – Membership and discounted cycling gear for sale tomorrow night at hall-Friday 2nd Feb 8pm until 8.30pm.

This is the first of two of these events.Text messages as well as all club benefits will only be for paid up members in 2018. Options of membership available – €20 Cycling Supporter,€50 Leisure membership and different fees for racing licences. All info is on the Cycling Ireland website & you can register through this if you wish.

Club spins continue on Sunday mornings from Currow Creamery Yard at 10:00 am

Current Club member please note the below.

Church gate collection Sunday Scartaglin mass at 10.30am – meeting at 10am – can you contact David Costello on 086 1210195 if you are available – thank you

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