Kerry County Championships July 18th, in Currow,

Kerry County Cycling Championships 2016
sign on will open at 6.30pm in Currow Village on Thursday evening for County Champs and close at 7.10 sharp.
A reminder not to park on the circuit and the parking at the finish is for official cars only and needs to be kept clear for that reason
Currow – Thursday August 18th
Senior Racing Only Starting at 7.30pm
All riders that are from Kerry or are a member of a Kerry Cycling club are eligible as long as they have not competed in another County Championship in 2016
Gold Silver and Bronze Medals awarded for the following;
First 3 Men Overall
First 3 Women Overall
First 3 A2s
First 3 A3s
First 3 A4s
First 3 Juniors
First 3 Masters 40
First 3 Masters 50
First 3 Masters 60
If you are eligible for two categories then you need to sign both sheets to assist with the results (eg A3 and Masters 40)
First 3 Kerry CI Club Teams of 4 on points – No “B” Teams allowed and teams do not have to be declared before the start
Entry Fee 10 euro
Please do not park on the circuit which is the circuit used in the County League

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