Trip to Sneem 2016

Currow Cycling Club will be going to Sneem for an over night trip on April 2nd 2016.

The trip will cost Club members €35  staying in the Sneem Hotel Saturday 2nd April

This includes bed and breakfast and evening meal on Saturday the 2nd on arrival,

The deadline for the trip is the 12/02/2016. The €35 is to be paid up by this date if you intend travelling

with the club. This can be given in to Marcus Cronin, Contact no. 087 6361706

Trip Details

Leaving Currow at 11:00 am Saturday morning. There will be two groups cycling to Sneem,

There will be 50 mile group and the 70 mile Group, Everyone will leave together and Cycle to Killorglin.

At this point it will split in to two groups.


On Sunday morning we will be leaving Sneem at 12:00am  travelling directly over molls gap and finishing in

Killarney, Everyone will be taking different directions at this point. This will be the official finish to the Trip.


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