Up coming events and meeting.

Currow Cycling Club are again proud to be Promoting the Drumm cup in 2016.

The event is being held on the 24th April 2016 with sign on taking place at Currow community centre.

Times will be posted at a later date,

The Currow Cycling club Leisure tour will take place on 12th June 2016

Sign on for this will also be at Currow community centre


The very important bit for this Post. Is that there is a Cycling Club meeting on the 29/01/2016 at the Hall at 8.00pm

This is also a registration night for Club members and any new members wishing to join Currow CC

The agenda for the meeting is as follows

Finalising the weekend away at the Start of April

Drumm cup update.

Leisure tour update

Any other business.


The Cycling club is organising a weekend away at the start of April. Where the Club will cycle to the proposed destination on Saturday. Stay over night and return on Sunday.  This event is open to all Club members and it would important that as many club members attend the meeting on the 29th to finalise details.

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