First Round of County League Road Race 2013

The first round of the league is on next Thursday night based in Currow. The sign on opens at 6.30pm and closes at 7pm for a 7.15pm sharp start.

The route is set at the Drumm Cup circuit starting in the village and racing almost 3 full laps (29 miles/46km approx) with the finish just before the village on top of the hill. Riders are advised that it is an open road and a league race by its nature is not as high profile as maybe bigger events and this is reflected in the stewarding/public awareness of the event. The circuit may need to be changed as there are 2 churches and a funeral home on the circuit but hopefully it wont be and there is a back up circuit if required.

The handicaps are as follows – first off are the club competition licence holders followed by the A4 group at 4 mins. Next are the A3s at a further 3 mins and the A1/2 group at 1 min.

Underage are accomodated and encouraged to take part and their races will be on the same circuit with different distances.

If any clubs have any spare members that would steward on the night please bring them along and they can join Currow CC marshalls on the circuit.

Looking forward to seeing you all next Thursday

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