Weekly Update Week 9

ImageIt was the monthly meeting on Monday last at which the Drumm Cup, County League, Memberships and other matters were discussed.

Further details to follow about our events.

The weekend away is cancelled so whoever paid a deposit can get a refund from the treasurer.

The racing scene moves to Caherconglish for RAS Luimni where we will have a good team for the A4 race. The big hills of the last two weekends wont be a factor on this fast and mainly flat circuit.

The dates are out for the county league and ill put up a different post about that in the coming weeks.

We need to see if there is an interest in doing the St Patricks day parade in Castleisland along with family members and friends. Can people respond to the text that will go out which will also ask members to keep April 28th free for the Drumm Cup where we will need 22 stewards and drivers.

Club spins to continue witha bit more structure on Sundays to accomodate all members. Wednesday nights too it was agreed is at the slowest persons pace and needs to be increased in distance but not speed. If this is not the session you are looking for then do some other form of training or go on your own. Having said that it suits most members so get out on the road if you can make it.

Finally, Paudie wants to get the memberships sorted so can those who have not paid get in touch with him to get your licence sorted. Licences are being posted directly to the members address this year by Cycling Ireland.


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