Weekend Update and important note about tomorrows spin

A good spin again this Saturday with the fastest times set due to favourable conditions. The lead group did 30.45 for the 20km.

Thers is a change of route for the Spin tomorrow to include the Lacey cup circuit for group 1 with Group 2 doing the Blennerville-Ashe Hill circuit and group 3 doing Ballycarthy – Farranfore. It is still starting in Currow at 10am and heading straight for Ballycarthy – we are not doing the Cordal bit of the route tomorrow. This is to help the racers prepare for Sunday 24th of Feb and gradually increase everyones mileage slightly.


ImageAlso the club meeting is on Monday night – 8pm for the racing section of the meeting to discuss upcoming races and training etc and the full club meeting at 8.30 to discuss all matters including the weekend away so please have your deposits of 50 per person with you. Any items for the agenda can be sent to the club secretary or the club PRO.




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