Busy Weekend as usual for the club

This week the club had 3 great spins as planned to accommodate all club members as well as a church gate collection.

A special thanks to the people that donated to us and to Marcus Cronin, Pat Brosnan, Eamonn Breen, Tom Kenny, Pat O Shea and to the organiser David Costello for the church gate collection in Scartaglin.


Moving on to this week – on Wednesday we will see an increase to 7 laps for the spin at a pace to accomodate the slowest on the night. Starting at 7 sharp members can join in if running late or drop out earlier if needed. Saturday will be as normal at 2pm and Sunday again at 10am.

Just a quick word to mind the many potholes that have sprung up due to the recent weather if you are out training so hopefully all cyclists will stay safe. Photo below was sent in to me and could be applicable on some of our training routes!





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