Weekly Update – Week 2 2013

We have had a great start to the year with great numbers turning out so far. Its important to build on this now and this week consists of 3 Club Training Spins each with a different aim. Again all welcome to turn up to all spins but please be aware of what they are about and its not about any individual needs – its a collective training.

Wednesday Night 7pm McElligotts, Castleisland

Leisure Spin of 5 laps of the small bypass circuit. This is the same format as last week with the slowest person on the night determining the pace. If you think this is too slow for you then do some other form of training. Paudie McCarthy will take charge and ensure nobody is left behind. After the 5 laps obviously people can do their own thing. Lights and reflectors important.











Saturday afternoon 2pm – Tralee Road / Bypass Roundabout

Be warmed up for a 2pm start where its a fast pace to Ballycarthy and back in as fast a time as the group can do. Nobody will be waited for on this spin but it should be possible to have a group other than the fastest. This will be explained at the start. A quick regroup of 2 mins then and its onto Gleann na ninte where its full belt on the hill and peolpe can return home from the top. This session aimed at the cyclists that will be competing during the year but it is also a great chance to do some good training for others by maybe doing the first or second half of the session but be ready at 2pm for the first week if you are interested. Tom Barrett will lead the group.



Sunday Club Spin 10am Currow Post Office

This will be that same as last week with a big crowd again expected. This will accommodate all standards with 3 groups. The route is again the same as last week. This is a great place to start off for the year and we welcome all new members. This is the big spin of the week. Steve Key will lead this group.  


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