Club Spin on Sunday



A few people have been in touch about the format of the Sunday spin so here it is;

Meet and start from Currow Post Office leaving at 10am where we will make 3 distinct groups. 

Then we will head down by the church and across lower Dromulton and Brehig turning left for Castleisland, down through the town and back Tralee Road. Nobody will be left behind on this section. Group 3 will turn left here and go back to Currow. From the Bypass roundabout on the Tralee road it will speed up to 15-16 mph and if you cant do this you may be dropped so its up to yourself but maybe you should turn left opposite O Riadas and cut across to the Tralee Farranfore road. Groups 1 and 2 will continue to Ballycarthy where Group 1 will head towards Tralee and pick a route to include a climb. Group 2 Will head for Farranfore and pick up the others by the flyover where they will regroup and finish the spin in Currow together. This will be explained again on Sunday and the members will look out and advise any new members who are more than welcome. 














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