Club Plan for 1st Phase of 2013

Below is a proposed calendar for the start of the year that we need to discuss at the next meeting. The club is a great club with a proud history that is well able to promote the sport of cycling but it is not as active as it should be or achieving its potential. I do believe this is because we have been trying to accommodate everyone with a one size fits all approach that has left people disappointed and disgruntled. My hope for the club moving forward is that we could get all our present and past members back on bikes again and welcome new members into a structure that will accommodate all ages, abilities and different individual and team goals whatever they are. 2013 is the time for a clean slate.

This is going to take a bit of work from the committee headed by Secretary Darragh Looney, Chairman Steve Key, Registrar Paudie McCarthy, Treasurers Pa Breen and Marcus Cronin, PRO John Breen and finally our President Pat O Shea.

As a member we want to see you on the bike and you will be expected to follow what the committee lay down in terms of training for the common good. There should be enough scope to do this if everybody pulls together rather than individually tearing the club apart. The club meetings will decide the way we operate for the coming month(s) and this is where we have our discussions not on the road – that is where we do our cycling!

So finally, have a read of this and we will discuss it at the next meeting. This is only a draft at present but I feel it is what our members want and is open to improvement. Again every training session is not suitable for everyone unless you understand what the group is doing and go along with it.

The early pre-season is about 2 different things both as important as each other;
1 – Racing Group – to get them ready to race competitively
2 – Leisure Group – to do 1000km by St Patricks Day (eg 25km Tues + 25km Thurs + 50km Weekend each week x 10 weeks)

Weeks Commencing Jan 7th, 14th and 21st

Tuesday and Thursdays
– 7.15 pm – Meet at McElligotts Tralee Road Castleisland and a leisure cycle to Ballycarthy and back. This is no faster than 15mph and nobody gets left behind. Due to safety and in the spirit of people getting back on the bike it is not suitable for anyone that wants to go faster – it is just getting miles into the legs.

Saturday – 2pm – Starting from Sliabh Luachra TT Start on Tralee Road after the new roundabout (across from Paud Fitz old garage) with everybody warmed up for a 2pm sharp start. This is constant tempo riding at a speed as fast as the group can cover Ballycarthy and back at (20km). Riders are encouraged to come through and add to the pace but not jump. If you can’t come through then hang on at the back for as long as possible! There will be a weekly time that the group will try and better. This group differs from the leisure group in that it is dictated to by the fastest rather than the slowest. If you are dropped or puncture then it is up to yourself after that – the group doesn’t wait.

Following this it’s a quick regroup (2 mins only) and cycle back to Gleannninte where its full belt again from Ballydwyer to the top where you go home and finish. No need to regroup etc .

Sunday – Leisure Spin Currow 10 am – Cycle as a group to Cordal and Castleisland where there is an option of heading back before the pace rises. Then its back to Ballycarthy where the average is still no more than 15 – 16 mph where the group can go different directions to accommodate the racing cyclists and the leisure. If someone takes the option of going with the racing group then they may get dropped and if someone takes the option of the leisure group then it is at a leisure pace of 15mph and will not be dictated by someone who should have gone with the racing group or by someone that should have maybe turned off a bit earlier if not yet up to this speed. What starts off as one big group will become 3 groups on the road if numbers allow but we have failed as a club if it splits to pieces. Power and short speed work as done on recent coaching day can be accommodated into this spin.

Weeks Commencing Jan 28th, Feb 4th and 11th
Tuesday and Thursday Group Extend to Tralee and Back
Saturday – Training Races – This is of 1 hr 15 mins the first week and
1 hr 30 mins the second week on the circuit that was used during the recent coaching day. Riders can opt for lap outs if dropped on their own and can get back in. On the third Saturday we will do the Lacey Cup circuit (again at 2pm) with a service car but again if you get dropped you are dropped.

Sunday – Continue in same way except when the group gets back to Currow after maybe 90 mins approx have one lap of the Drumm Cup circuit at a faster pace for those that wish to do so.

Weeks Commencing Feb 25th, Mar 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th (Easter Week)

Tuesday and Thursday Group – Extend to Tralee first, then Ballycarthy to Tralee and back and home. Again speeds kept down and mileage being the priority. Review of training when clocks change.
Racing Season has started then with racing every Sunday and Team Time Trial training and training races starting Wed evenings when time allows after clocks change at Easter.
Sunday Leisure – Continue in same way with the group getting back to Currow after maybe 90 mins approx and have one lap of the Drumm Cup circuit at a faster pace for those that wish to do so.

Proposed Weekend Away March 23rd and 24th

Option 1 – Saturday Leave Currow at 10am for Lahinch via Ferry, Stay in Lahinch, Do the Atlantic Tour route and return Sunday evening by Minibus.
Option 2 – Cycle to Middleton on Saturday and do a leisure tour there on Sunday
Option 3 – Cycle to Glengarrif on Saturday and stay overnight. Return Sunday taking in the Healy pass if you wish.
Hotel rooms provisionally booked and it is hoped to have the price of the whole weekend shortly. Accommodation scarce so deposits will need to be in place by Feb 1st at latest. Cooperation needed to ensure the weekend goes ahead. If the club are good enough to book the hotel and bus, provide back up and generally go to the trouble of organising the weekend then it is easy for a member to commit with a deposit to whether you are going or not by Feb 1st otherwise we will fall back into the trap of inactivity. Remember the best training the club ever had was when people were committed to doing Malin to Mizen in 2010 – almost 3 years ago now.

April Onwards – Review season, pick out more goals, continue good work and improve where we need to

Finally some good quotes from the recent coaching day that the club hosted;
1. “Anything other than ice or a hurricane means I do my planned training on the road”
2. “Improvement is a gradual process”
3. “Respect the other cyclists that turn up for a club spin together”
4. “A race, no matter what length, is still won by the cyclist that goes faster at some point than the others”
5. “During your first 2 months training you should always arrive home comfortably – it means you will look forward to your next spin”

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