The John Drumm Cup and supporting races will take place on at the earlier that usual date of April 29th. The Senior and Under 16 race will be on the same circuit as the last two years except the finish line has been moved due to safety reasons and will now finish after the hill on the straight road that leads into the village approximately 600 metres from the old finish.

The sign on and start is at the Hall in Currow village as normal where there is parking for race traffic and the organisers are keen to point out there will be no parking in the finishing area.

The action commences with the underage racing starting at 12.15. These are races for Under 14 and Under 12. These will be held on a 4 mile circuit with 3 laps for the Under 14s and 1 for the Under 12s. Prizes will be for the first 6 in each race with the best unplaced Under 13 and Under 11 also winning a trophy.
Moving onto the adult and Under 16 racing then it will be the A1 + A2 riders the first to face the starter at 1.15pm. These will have 7 laps of the race circuit. The A3s will be next, racing over 5 laps and finally the A4s covering 4 laps. If there is a small number signing on in any category, races may have to be merged but hopefully this wont happen. There are cash prizes for the first 8 in each race with the first 3 unplaced A2s also being rewarded. Under 16s will follow the A4 Cyclists.
The John Drumm Cup commemorates a very famous local cyclist who dies in a tragic farm accident in 1965. This was only weeks after completing the Ras Tailteann with great distinction having the honour of being the first Munster man overall in the race. At that time the provincial councils would award medals for this achievement and this medal was incorporated onto the impressive cup. The first winner of the Drumm Cup in 1966 was Gene Mangan and many of the great names of Irish cycling have won it since right up to last year with Michael Fitzgerald retaining the cup. Sam Bennett had three wins in the event. Paul Griffin also has an excellent record in the event. John Drumm himself has the rare distinction of not only having a race held in his honour but he also has a ballad sang about him which can often be heard around the Sliabh Luachra area. The race headquarters are in the Currow Community Centre. Currow is just outside Castleisland on the Killarney Road.


47th Annual John Drumm Memorial Cup and Supporting Races

Currow, (near Castleisland), Co Kerry April 29th 2012

Programme of Events

12.15 Under 14 Race – 3 x 4 mile circuit – First 6 Prizes with a Cup for the Winner. First Unplaced Under 13 and First Unplaced Girl.

12.17 Under 12 Race – 1 x 4 mile circuit – First 6 Prizes with a Shield for the Winner. First Unplaced Under 11 and First Unplaced Girl.

1.15 John Drumm Memorial Race for A+, A1s and A2s – 7 x 10 mile circuit – First 8 plus first 3 unplaced A2s

1.16 A3 Race – 5 x 10 mile circuit – First 8

1.18 A4 Race – 4 x 10 mile circuit – First 8

1.20 Under 16 Race – 3 x 10 mile circuit – First 6 Prizes with a Cup for the Winner. First Unplaced Under 15 and First Unplaced Girl.



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