The club spin on Sunday is hoping to get as many members and potential members started for 2012 if they havent already done so. This was decided at the last meeting and the idea is to have 3 groups if numbers allow but it is emphasised that the club want people in the right groups and these can be adjusted as we move through the year. The practise of people leaving the group they are suited to has not helped the club spins to date so this is a brief outline of the groups and routes.
Group 1 – Racing group suitable for 5 – 6 of our members only that have been racing. This is a training spin to replace the gap in the racing calendar and the average speed is to be in excess of 20 mph. Daragh is the leader and has a route picked
Group 2 – Leisure group and the Route is Currow – Currans – Ballyfinnane – Castlemaine – Firies – Farranfore – Metal Bridge – Currow. The speed will be 15-16 mph and the leader is Steve Key.
Group 3 – This is also a leisure group but at a slower pace. The leader is Eamonn O Braoin and the route is the Drumm Cup circuit once for all and a second lap for those wishing to do so. The pace will be 12 – 13 mph. The Drumm Cup circuit is Currow – Lower Dromulton – Davy Roches -Castleisland (Garveys) – Currow.
So looking forward to seeing all the usual suspects and more on the road Sunday getting ready for what will hopefully be a safe and successful 2012 of plenty of cycling!!
Paudie McCarthy will also take registrations from 9.30 on the morning and he is reminding people not to forget to change your clocks Saturday night.

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