Nov meeting and upcoming events

Currow Cycling Club Meeting 07/11/11
Tom Kenny will register the club with Cycling Ireland for the coming year.
The Christmas Party is confirmed for the 17th of December. Venue and numbers for this event are unconfirmed. Gareth Lawless will book venue and negotiate price. Members will receive confirmation as soon as possible.087 9072776
The Day Care Centre in Castleisland will be presented with a cheque for the proceeds of our Charity Cycle on Friday the 12th next at 7:30. Refreshments will be provided and all members are encouraged to attend.
Club spins remain the same for the winter months, with Wednesday evenings at 7:00, departing from Castleisland and Sunday mornings at 10:00, departing from Currow.
Every member is asked to attend the Sunday club spin on December the 4th next. It is hoped to attract new members by advertising this date and it is vital to have as many members as possible present in Currow at 10:00. Paudie McCarthy will coordinate a controlled and modestly paced route that is within everyone’s ability and suitable to anyone looking to start or return to cycling.
Events for 2012 are as numerous as they are widespread around the country. Members have expressed an interest in participating in such events, or creating our own, or even combining both, in an attempt to provide an incentive for goal-orientated training. This issue will be re-visited at a future date and all ideas are welcome and will be considered. The question of an internal league will also be considered.
All members are needed for regular club spins. In order to accommodate every fitness level, pace will be kept modest for an agreed duration and cyclists will be afforded the opportunity to abstain from keeping pace with stronger members. Routes will be chosen to allow the group to break, so that a modest pace will still be maintained, but also affording others the opportunity to increase the pace and get more from the cycle. Numbers are needed to make this work and every accommodation will be extended to individuals who turn up.
Please feel free to contact the club via the website, or myself on with any comments or suggestions you would like to share.
Regards and happy cycling,
Darragh Looney
Hon Club Secretary


Sign on is Killorglin Rowing Club from 9.00 to 10.45am.
Cost €10 for Cycling Ireland member and €20 for non Cycling Ireland members.
The distances are
Killorglin/Farranfore/Killorglin 55KM
Killorglin/Farranfore/Tralee/Killorglin 80KM
Light refreshments afterwards, all are welcome.
For further information contact Mary Concannon 087 2802071

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