The Currow cycling club AGM was held on Friday Nov 12th in the Currow Community Centre. A great review was given by John Breen of the fantastic and successful year just gone and a great sign of the strenght of the club was shown in level of enthusism for the club in 2011.
A special thanks must be given to our outgoing secretary John Breen who’s work rate and driving ambition was at the heart of the clubs success in 2010.

The individual responsibilities and officers will be outlined below. The club will be meeting on the first Monday of each month at 9.00 in the hall in Currow where the upcoming events will be confirmed. The first meeting will be on Monday Jan 3rd 2011. The person with the responsibility of any event will need to attend to outline the progress of the event and what other help is required from other club members.

Malin to Mizen was also discussed and we need to hold a special meeting in Dec with all interested parties to finalize a definite route and get a sub commitee formalized for the event.If anyone is interested please email currowcc@gmail.com, tomaskenny@gmail.com or contact me on 087-4129509.

Club training spins were discussed and it was decided that from here until jan the remainder of the years spins will be on Wed nights at 7pm from Mcelligotts and Sun mornings at 10pm from Currow.
A more in depth discussion will take place in Jan when we have a better idea of Malin2Mizen and all other events happenning in 2011.

Club membership was also on the agenda and a decision was made to register all existing members by Dec 15th,this will ensure that all members will have licenses in early 2011 and help Paudi run his end of the business more smoothly and efficiently. Can all existing members please contact Paudi Mccarthy on 087-4185865 asap to register or get any info ye might require.

The positions elected were as follows;

President – Pat O’Shea

Vice President – Gerard O’Sullivan

Chairman – Steve Key

Vice Chairman –

Hon Secretary – Tom Kenny
Club Pro – Tom Kenny
Website/admin – Tom Kenny

Joint Tresurers – Marcus Cronin + Pa Breen

Club Registrars – Paudie McCarthy

Club Gear – Adrian O’Connell

Youth Officer – Shane O’Neill

Drumm Cup – Eamonn Breen

Currow Leisure Tour – Eamonn Collier

Castleisland Tour – John Breen & Tom Kenny

Club League – Mark Collins

Club Spins – Steve Key

Church Gate Collections – David Costello

March Leisure League – Adrian Shanahan

Social Nights – Garrett Lawless

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