Its about the time of year where we start planning our annual end of season cycling trip and Shane o’Neill has been looking into Dingle at the end of September, sat 25th and asked me put it up on the website for me to get feedback as to what people want. One option would be to cycle back, take a 3 hour boat trip to see the blaskets and what ever else is nice there r a one hour trip around the harbour, more details available on this link. Problem with this is we won’t cycle home on Sunday so cost of a bus r some way to bring us and bikes back might be an issue.
Another option would be to drive back on saturday cycle around slea head, take boat to blaskets and cylce around there
Each option will be followed by a tour around the town of Dingle to check out local points of interest such ar a pub r two!!!!!!!
Any other ideas are welcome, a rough idea of numbers would be needed too to look into accomodation for the night.
Shanes e-mail is or email me at with any ideas or enquiries ye night have

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