Day 1 official is over and thankfully we’re 102 miles closer to the finish line in Mizen head.. Our decision to stretch our legs lastnight proved well worthwhile as the 31 miles back to Buncrana proved a lot more difficult than we ever would have anticiapted,the terrain was unforgiving with climbs that would surpass anything that we’ve seen in Kerry and cycling into a 29 mile an hour headwind took its toll on everyone.
Today was a vast improvement even though the mileage was more double what we did lastnight,the road surface was much improved as we were mostly cycling on national route ways. We had a tough test on the legs with a climb out of Letterkenny which was followed by the long and demanding Barnesmore gap which was a gradual pull of 15 miles.The team work rate has been fantastic with everyone working in unison to ensure that nobody is left behind and the cycle is more enjoyable for everyone.
Tomorrow is a gruelling 95 mile cycle to Athlone so fingers crossed it will go without incident for all..
tune back soon for more updates…. Tomas Kenny

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