Malin 2 Mizen meeting

A good discussion was held by the M2M participants and support. It is worth outlining again that this event is a team effort which is aimed to be completed at 15mph based on average terrain and low winds.

The most important thing is the training weekend for Easter. We aim to do a “half” event with potentially 6 consecutive days cycling. 9.30 is the start time for each morning just like M2M. These are;

Thursday Night – Usual Club Spin but aiming to clock 40 miles at a slower than usual 15mph average.

Good Friday – Newcastlewest direction. Aiming to cover 45-50 miles.

Easter Saturday – County Bounds. Aiming to cover 45-50 miles.

Easter Sunday – Tralee – Castlemaine plus Aiming to cover 45-50 miles.

Easter Monday – Kerryhead Direction. Aiming to cover 45-50 miles.

Tuesday Night – Usual Club Spin but aiming to clock 40 miles at a slower than usual 15mph average.

Overall we want to see how this goes as a group and we expect everyone to cooperate. There will be a quick chat after each spin to highlight any areas we can improve on.

On the event itself we have a man in charge of the route each day and also a captain on the road to keep the group together. These are;

Route Day 1 Joe Geaney Captain Day 1 Donnacha Clifford

Route Day 2 John Breen Captain Day 2 Stewart Newins

Route Day 3 Tm Kenny Captain Day 3 Pat Brosnan

Route Day 4 Pete Landy Captain Day 4 Mark Collins

Route Day 5 Pa Breen Captain Day 5 Steve Keys

The bus will leave froow on Wed 28th at 6am. People are asked to bring spare wheels etc, a “road” bag for the van every day and have enough bottles etc as well as having good tyres and a services bike.

Further information will be posted closer to the event

Best of Luck to all involved in both their preparation and in the actual event


Training Spins – Agreed to keep them in the same ormat as present for the next 2 weeks approx and then we will see what the light dictates. We will inform members of the change by text. At the moment it is Tuesday and Thursday 7pm from McElligotts on the Tralee Road, Castleisland and Saturday and Sunday 9.30 from Currow Post Office.

June Tour (6th) – An alternative route may be needed due to the football match in Killarney. Any ideas to Eamonn Collier or John Breen.

Drumm Cup – Format, Route, Time Trial ongoing. Hopefully we will have the final draft of the weekend for the next weekend.

Ring of Kerry – 3 charities nominated by the club; Enable Ireland, Cancer Care Recovery Haven and the Special Olypic Stars.

Roads – John Breen and Tom Barrett to talk to the council about fixing some of our routes.

Ras Mumhan – They need 4 stewards for Friday next. Adrian Shanahan, Shane O’Neill, Mark Collins and John Breen volunteered.

St Patricks Day Parade- Great credit due to all involved. Agreed to have more on bikes next year for it. Less need for photographers!!! Special mention of praise to Mark Collins and Marcus Cronin.
Website – Agreed to change the format slightly to have events on one side with news on the other.

Club Spring Leisure League- Was a great success. Exactly what was wanted. Special thanks to Adrian Shanahan and Eamonn Breen.

Club Handicap Training League – Mark Collins and Kieran to draft this.

Club Trailer- Put it up for sale. Tom Kenny to check out tyres.

Club to mark Malin to Mizen on the Sunday of the event by having something on in Currow.
Next Meeting – May 10th