Notice to all Currow CC Members

John Breen and Adrian Shanahan have been busy organising the spring leisure league and asked me to post this important notice to all club members
“The first event of our cycling year is on Sunday the 28th of Feburary. It is a nice early season spin of approx 50km to prepare us for what promises to be a sussessful year ahead.

The aim of the event on the next 4 Sundays is to get as many as possible out on bikes and to encourage both new members and others who might be having their first spin of the year to complete the course with help from the group as well as finishing the event with an appetite for more cycling not less as is the case in some events. The pace will be controlled to 15mph throughout and the group will come back together. Whoever wants to do more cycling after that can continue as some of the group will be doing this. If there is anyone not confident of doing 15mph we will set up a group at the start to ensure that they are not left isolated for the day. On the other side of the coin, if you feel 15mph is too slow you have a few options like entering the Lacey Cup in Tralee, train faster on your own before or after the event or have a tough spin the previous day.

The route for the first 2 Sundays is the same – starting at the Currow Hall, onto Castleisland, Ballycarthy, Farranfore, Dicksgrove (where some people may wish to finish), Scartaglin, Castleisland and back to Currow. The group might break up on the climb into Scartaglin but we will insist on it getting back together by Davy Roches Cross on the way into Castleisland. It will be up to the All Club members to monitor this especially as I cant see the club Secretary or PRO at the front!!!

Se we are looking forward to seeing all members of Currow CC, members of other clubs and in general anyone who likes cycling especially new members on Sunday. There will be tea and biscuits in the hall afterwards as well as showers for whoever wants them. Sign on is from 9am with a 9.30 sharp start. If there is ice on the roads the event will be postponed but otherwise it will go ahead as planned. Please call 086 4063348 or 087 7849879 for any information you might need. “
John Breen

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