Meeting 1st Feb

Currow Meeting Monday Feb 1st (and updates)

Membership being collected by Paudie. 21 I believe have been sent away but can the rest get it sorted please. Contact Paudie directly on 087 4185865. Many thanks to Paudie for sorting this out quickly and efficiently.

Church gate collections very important this year to give the club a bit of cashflow. The times and volunteers are as follows;

Sunday 14th of Feb at 10.00 for 10.30 mass in Scartaglin
Tom Kenny
David Costello
Adrian Shanahan
Liam Kelly
Eamonn Breen
Tom Barrett
Pat O Shea

Sat 20th of Feb at 7.00pm for 7.30 mass in Currow
John Breen
Gareth Lawless
Tom Kenny
Eamonn Collier
Steve Keys
Paudie McCarthy

Sunday 21st of Feb at 9.30 for 10.00 mass in Currans

Adrian Shanahan
Liam Kelly
Eamonn Collier
Marcus Cronin

Sunday 21st of Feb at 11.300 for 11.30 mass in Currow

Eamonn Collier
David Costello
Dave Fleming
Mike Fleming
Steve Keys
Fred O’Dwyer
Important – This list is not exclusive, if you are not mentioned please attend if you can as well to boost numbers. The other Church gate collections are on the weekend of 10/11 July
The club training leisure spring league will commence on Feb 28th. Further details to follow.

Paul Griffin due Monday night at 8 to talk about training, recovery, warm ups + down, stretching, nutrition etc as well as general tips. Im awaiting confirmation about this from Paul.

Tom Kenny continuing to sort out the club gear that was agreed on at the meeting.

A letter to prospecive members has gone out. If you can think of anyone else please forward their name to John Breen and a letter will be sent to them or 087 7849879

Next club meeting Mon March 1st 9pm

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