Paul Griffin will be joining us next Monday night 8th at 8pm to discuss cycling training and nutrition,Its a great opportunity to get the views of a member of Team Ireland whos raced against the best at national and international level.

The decision was made about the 2010 club gear and its was voted to introduce a 3rd colour charcoal black to add an extra dimension to the club jersey.
I’ll be getting samples in the next few days so will call a special meeting asap to give members a chance to try on the new manufacturer for size. Check out http://www.velotec.co.uk to see the full range of cycling attire available in CURROW CC colours. The new gear will be ordered early march so as to have it by Malin2Milen,this means that anyone wanting gear will need to decide and pay in full by late Feb.also see chart attached for sizes….
Tom Kenny