Malin 2 Mizen 2010

We had a very productive meeting lastnight about malin to mizen next year and got some possible routes for ye to decide on.This seriously is a chance of a lifetime and would be an amazing opportunity for all club members and something we can look back on in years to come.

There are 3 possible routes so far to chose along with do we cycle south-north or north-south and the routes are basically Shortest route,Most scenic route or best roads route
1 – SHORTEST ROUTE up the midlands not too exciting but sheltered 380 miles
2 – SCENIC ROUTE Lahinch,cliffs of Moher etc  exposed 414 miles
3 – BEST ROADS midlands birr ferbane etc wide open roads and traffic 40 miles

400 miles of happiness

keep an eye on site as we need to have a meeting in next week to finalize things

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