Castleisland Day Care Centre Tour

The last major leisure tour of the year is upon us. At least the distance is one that might be more appealing to cyclists of all abilities as there are 10, 30 and 50 mile options. The emphasis is on getting as many people on bikes as possible and more importantly getting all participants back to the finish safely to send them home having had an enjoyable day out having helped the Day Care Centre. It cannot be stressed enoug that the event is not a race. The road is marked with arrows but it is not a closed road so the rules of the road must be maintained and the organisers and stewards obeyed as they are there for the cyclists safety and welfare. We also hope that all our club members will spread themselves out amongst the participants especially the ones new to the sport or the area to ensure that the event runs smoothly.

The Route is a new one to Leisure cyclists but the Sliabh Mish climb will be known to any followers of the International Ras Mumhan as the traditional Good Friday stage is usually decided on it. The good news for the participants in the 10 and 30 mile routes is that they dont have to climb it as it is suitable for experienced cyclists only. Low gears will be the order of the day and the “Granny” ring will be called into action for the lucky cyclists that have one!
The order of the day from the beginning will be to sign on from 9am to 9.45am at the Castleisland Rugby Club with all participants to begin at 10am. One day licences will be available
through the club for anyone that is not a Cycling Ireland member. Helmets must also be worn and Under 18s require parental or guardian permission.
All cyclists will then proceed down the town following the official start and head back the Killarney Road, turning left at Lisheenbawn and up the hill to Currow (water and snacks available) Here its a left turn at the Church, carry on for about a mile and turn left onto the lower Dromulton road which brings you onto the Scartaglin road where you again turn left and return to Castleisland. The finish of the 10 mile route will be just before Garveys.
The 30 and 50 mile cyclists will then head back the Tralee Road where the 30 mile participants will turn at Ballycarthy (Again Water and Snacks) and return to Castleisland to finish outside McElligotts. The 50 mile route will however head straight through Ballycarthy roundabout pastthe Earl of Desmond Hotel, turn left for Ballyseede and righ at he T junction onto Farmers Bridge where its a left turn up the Sliabh Mish climb, Onto the Castlemaine road and onto Castlemaine itself where there is another break. From here its a left turn, through Ballyfinnane, left at Jenkinsons cross just before the Currans flyover and onto Ballycarthy returning to Castleisland on the Tralee road again finishing at McElligotts on the outskirts of
Its then back to the Rugby club where there will be something to eat and drink whilst music will be playing. There is also a raffle for some spot prizes which will hopefully round
off an enjoyable day.
The full route is on the following link

View Interactive Map on

We are looking forward to seeing you on Sunday

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